Artist Statement

Kestin Cornwall's unconventional mixed-media visual work incorporates classic portraiture and classical references with hybrid art image creation. Cornwall employs various techniques, combining beautiful hand drawings with strong digital image-making, screen-printing, and ink transfers. Cornwall also uses skilled acrylic and aerosol painting on wood and other canvases to create unique work.

In today's digital age, most works of art are viewed on digital devices more than in person. Cornwall creates art that encourages interactions, both analog and digital.

Cornwall's work raises thought-provoking questions regarding equality, immigration, and what it means to be Black in North America. Cornwall explores culture and humanity's relationship with beauty, sex, nature, and cultivation through his creative process. Cornwall uses images to challenge the mass public perception of Black people and people of colour, shaped by history, entertainment, media, and pop culture. The compositions are filled with references to media, popular culture, music, and art history. Cornwall's work aims to add beauty to the world while invoking the unending social responsibility to capture thought.

Cornwall welcomes happy mistakes in art, such as ink bleeds and artwork affected by age, which create areas that are worn away or lifted. Cornwall believes that some mistakes, simplicity, and chance are beautiful fundamentals of creating.

Cornwall is passionate about taking a simple idea and turning it into a completed project that can be seen, touched, interpreted, and enjoyed by the viewer. Images allow Cornwall to share a thought or evoke an emotional response almost instantly. Cornwall channels this emotion and energy into creating, inspiring new work, and exploring new ideas.

Kestin Cornwall lives and works in Toronto.

October 19th 2023


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