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The Brain Project: 2020 |  2021

The Yogen Früz Brain Project returns with a vigorous campaign to raise brain health awareness and advance groundbreaking research on dementia and ageing. I joined the roster again this year with other talented artists whose art pieces will be displayed across the city this summer.

The 2020 | 2021 collection will feature brain sculptures designed by artists, celebrities and thought-leaders from across North America. The artwork will be on display at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. For more information, visit The Brain Project’s website,

Mood Forever: Book List

Some friends and I got together and created a book list dedicated to the culture.  These are good-reads. We each created a top 10 list and picked books from our lists.  (download)

Books, reading and information add to our work, help to re-shape our ideas and grow.  Check the list, shoot me a message on IG (@kestincornwall) with what book you want to check out! 

Holla at me with any suggestions. 

PXP Contemporary X Showfields

PXP Contemporary X Showfields

I'm featured in a new show with Showfields NY. The exhibition is curated by Alicia Puig, Co-founder of PXP Contemporary. Showfields has had past hosts such as Maria Brito, Larry Ossei Mensah and others.

Here's more about the inspiration behind this curation:

"After spending most of 2020 indoors within the confines of our homes, we feel a collective longing for both nature and connection. These are two themes that are inherently a part of the artists' works that I've selected for this curation. Some present the human form immersed in a landscape or other natural environment, while others compose images with figures alongside animals, flowers, and insects. Working in the mediums of collage and painting, these artists remind us to appreciate the profound beauty of our surroundings and of the importance of having respect for it now and in the years to come.

These works also act as documentation of life as an artist during the pandemic. While they, like everyone else, experienced loss, grief, anxiety, frustration, and fear - like nature itself, they also went through periods of growth and renewal. For me, bringing together this collection of artists is a manifestation of the belief that 2021 will indeed allow for more opportunities to connect with the environment, ourselves, and each other. It's a sigh of relief, or rather, a breath of fresh air." - Alicia Puig


AZART Gallery NY presents Cosmopolis

Please save the date for the upcoming art exhibition in Chelsea, New York. I’m excited to participate in the pop-up show with AZART Gallery.

Cosmopolis: an exhibition in tribute to the diversity and resilience of New York extended due to popular demand! 

Cosmopolis features mixed media paintings by SEN2, Goldie, and more. My artwork is also on view. The exhibition runs October 28th - November 14thnd, 2020, in New York. Please go check it out!

AZART Gallery NY presents Cosmopolis

504 West 22nd New York, NY
October 28th - November 14th, 2020

Open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6pm by appointment.

Featured artists:
-Bahar Bambi
-Josh George
-Kestin Cornwall
-Kuzana Ogg
-Miss Zukie

Art and Cocktails Podcast (The Create! Podcast)

Art and Cocktails Podcast (The Create! Podcast)

Took a moment to enjoy some face time with Alicia Puig for the Art and Cocktails podcast. Alicia Puig is the CEO and co-founder of PxP Contemporary, Director of Business Operations for Create! Magazine, an arts writer, and an author.

Check out the banter on iTunes, Spotify or online at We have a conversation on art & current events.

We discuss topics such as the steps needed by the so-called art world, to push change and to be more inclusive & diverse. ⁣We also chat about the importance of developing your creative identity as an artist⁣.

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