Purchasing Original Artwork

All the original artwork featured on my site is for sale and can be purchased if available.

Reach out anytime if you’re interested in purchasing or learning more about a particular piece.

I try to make collecting a fun and straightforward process that’s accessible for seasoned art buyers, as well as the first time buyer. Purchasing art doesn’t need to be intimidating.

If you have questions please reach out by e-mail studio@kestincornwall.com.

I appreciate your patronage. Art is life!


e. studio(at)kestincornwall.com
ig. @kestincornwall

Artist Representation

PxP Contemporary
Alicia & Ekaterina
e. info(at)pxpcontemporary.com
w. pxpcontemporary.com
in. @pxpcontemporary

M I K E  W H I T E S M I T H
e. mikewhitesmithcanada(at)gmail.com
in. @mikewhitesmith

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